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The Benefits of Digital Marketing and Some Best Tips-2022

What is Digital Marketing?

Hello, friends once again welcome to your own blog padigitalworld today we are going to talk about the complete information related to digital marketing and the benefits of digital marketing, what is digital marketing, and all the information related to it, I will tell you today and you will reach till the end.

Stay tuned, you will get complete information in very simple words. I am writing this blog to keep an eye on technical or non-technical, big or advanced people.

Digital marketing is a very valuable part of any business, without marketing any business will not be able to sustain itself well and through marketing, we promote our product.

That is, we promote it, and reach the people that it is. The product we are making is going to be of great benefit to you by buying this product, you are going to get many services. As you must have seen that a lot of promotions come on TV, there are many promotions in the newspaper and there are holdings in the road or walls. These are all the ways in which you can reach one of your products or services to other people or to the customer. use for. It’s one of the major benefits of Digital Marketing.

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Definition of Digital Marketing

There is a modern way of digital marketing, in this, we can promote our product by taking the help of the internet and modern technology such as mobile phone, laptop, website, etc. i.e. we can promote our product. Digital marketing is also called online marketing, through this, we can market our product or can easily reach the product or service to the new user. It’s one of the major benefits of Digital Marketing.

Friends, earlier you had to buy a product, suppose if you want to buy clothes or get an instrument, then you used to shop by going to the shops, but in today’s day, you sit at your home from many websites from where you can get your product, the goods you want.

That is, you prefer to order the goods by ordering online and he will deliver the ordered goods to your home. Nowadays shopkeepers have come to know that you are not going to buy any product by coming to their shop, so they sell your product online, And they provide door-to-door service.

Friends, if you also have a shop or you are running your business, then you must take the help of digital marketing, only then you can advertise your product it’s one of the major benefits of Digital Marketing.

Types of Marketing

1) Offline Marketing:

 If the company uses offline media to promote or market its product, then it is called offline marketing of offline media such as TV ads or newspaper ads or radio, holdings, pamphlets, etc.

2) Online marketing or Digital Marketing:

If we use online media to promote or market our product, then it is called online or digital marketing, we are going to know its details.

Digital marketing is a combination of 2 words, digital means money marketing digital means internet, and marketing means advertising, friends, till 20 years ago, when a company had to advertise a product, it had to invest a lot of money and a lot.

All efforts had to be made and time was also very much. Earlier the company used to take the help of radio for advertising, newspapers used to use pamphlets, used to put up posters and used to take the help of cinema halls.

DJ (speakers) used to get advertisements and many executives or staff employees had to do marketing from house to house, and today compared to the marketing strategy of 20 years ago, the difference between the ground and the sky is very clear. It is clear. Advertise your product, although even today people are adopting the old marketing strategy, it can prove to be very harmful to them.

Suppose you have to promote your product and you do not have much money, then by adopting the old marketing strategy, you can give information about your product to 200 people to more than 100 people, but if we use digital marketing If we want to promote our product, then we can present our product to crores of people in less money, in less time, in comfort, nor friends, digital marketing is very amazing and we talk about how we can reach our product to the customer. 

Are they? How is this possible? This work is very easy, friends, all of us are connected to social media, we all read blogs, so why not take advantage of it. Today, millions of people are connected to social media, you have to advertise your product. If you want, you can spread your product on social media, show your product ad on any website, write a blog about your product as I am writing, make a video about your product and share it. And there are many apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. Here app can promote your product, friends, you can also promote your product through email.

If you want workers to promote your product to those people, then you can hire workers to promote your product through the internet, who will promote your product. (Like if you share this product with up to 10 people) If you do, you will get so much money.)

Friends, now you must be understood that the traditional market which was very expensive i.e. was very expensive and through digital marketing, we can easily make our product in crores of people by investing less time and less money. can reach people. Below some points, we discuss Best Benefits of Digital Marketing.

Best 7 Benefits of Digital Marketing

Now I share some points with you on the benefits of digital marketing, from which we will know the Benefits of Digital Marketing and understand how much learning and doing Digital Marketing can be beneficial for you. Let’s start a discussion about the benefits of Digital Marketing.

1. Low Resistance EntryBest Benefits of Digital Marketing

Meaning that if you want to enter digital marketing, then you do not need much resistance. Let’s have a look at some examples:-

Suppose you have a small business and you are thinking whether you should do digital marketing for it or you have made up your mind to start digital marketing for your business. So it is not at all that you will need Rs 50 lakh, Rs 10 lakh, or Rs 1 lakh.

You can create your account by simply visiting Google My Business and many more than GMB.

Business and Leads you can bring to your business. So it is meant to say that the entry barrier in digital marketing is not that big.

Just you have to think and take action. You have to go to the digital platform and do small things like creating Facebook pages and create Instagram pages, so all these things will break your entry barrier. With this, your Presence will start to form on the Digital Platform.

After this, we will think that if there is a need to run Ads, then we can strategically run Ads by making a complete strategy with Blueprints. But I have told you earlier that Entry Resistance is low, so you don’t have to worry much that if our budget is very less then there will be a problem in the entry or from where we will have the budget to run ads later.

That is why you do not need to think like this because in this you can enter at least budget and without any document. One of the best benefits of digital marketing.

2. Real-Time or MeasurableBest Benefits of Digital Marketing

After Low Resistance comes Real-Time or Measurable. First let me tell you about Real-Time, after that we will talk about Measurable.

Real-Time: – This is the time or moment at which any user comes to your website and the online store and does a particular activity. In that activity, the user can range from buying a product to reading your content.

Apart from this, if you have run Ads for Business or Online Store, then you can also know their Real-Time Activity.

You can use Google Analytics to know Real-Time Activity.

In Google Analytics, you can check everything from clicks to impressions. All such activity comes within Real-Time. One of the best benefits of digital marketing.

Let us now see an example of Measurable as well:-

Measurable:- Suppose you have a business and to promote the same business, you have got hoarding installed in the city and now many people will be watching that hoarding. But in the evening you can find out whether 10 thousand people have seen Hoarding or 20 thousand people have seen it.

Can you find out that if 10 thousand people look at the hoarding, then how many percent of them were male and how many were female? Will you be able to find out their age group? Did you come to know such data that out of those 10 thousand, 70% were male to 30% female… That’s why in the Convictional Ways of Marketing, they are not so measurable.

If you started distributing leaflets or Pamphlets to someone, then you cannot measure who read our leaflet 10 percent, who read 20 percent.

But if someone visits your website through an ad or social media then you can see how much they are scrolling our web page. How much he accessed our web page and visited different pages of our website. After this, now let’s talk about ROI.

3. High Return on Investment (ROI)Best Benefits of Digital Marketing

This is also a big advantage because if you invest less in digital marketing then there are many chances that you will get high returns.

Contrary to this, if you do offline marketing, then the chances of high return are not so much, but if you are promoting your business digitally then you will get to see a very good return. One of the best benefits of digital marketing.

4. 24×7 Marketing ApproachBest Benefits of Digital Marketing

This is also a big advantage of Digital Marketing, let’s understand this also with an example: – Suppose you have to distribute Pamphlet at night or you want to distribute leaflets, then will you be able to do it at night. Hmm…not at all. Obviously.

If you want to distribute Leaflet or Pamphlet etc., then you have to do it in the day itself. In this, you will neither get a person to distribute the pamphlet nor to whom you want to give the pamphlet of your business.

But here comes a turn that people are definitely checking their mobile feeds at night or they definitely check their emails. So at this time, you can approach them digitally. In this, you can show them ads through Facebook, YouTube, and any website. Therefore, it is also a big advantage of Digital Marketing that you can show ads to your Targeted Customer whenever you want. One of the best benefits of digital marketing.

5. Global Customer Reach – Best Benefits of Digital Marketing

What happens in general, Guys, whenever someone wants to expand their business, some cost is also involved with that expansion and this cost becomes a big headache when the expansion is international or beyond the boundaries of your country. Ho.

Whenever you have to reach the Global Customer with this type of expansion, then many problems start arising in this case, such as a lot of legal formalities have to be done and there is also a lot of costs.

But with Digital Marketing all this is possible. Through digital marketing, you can approach the clients sitting in other countries and show your ad to the users of other countries.

Right…all these things like

You can do branding.

You can use Facebook Ads manager.

You can do it through Google Ads.

So… You Can Go Global, You Can Achieve Global Customer Reach and Promote Your Business Online. Friends, if we look at this way, if we do offline business, then we can expand our business to our local area only, but if our business is brought online, then we can reach our business to the people of the whole world sitting at home and that Even to our Targeted Audience, so that the chances of getting Lead to us will increase even more. One of the best benefits of digital marketing.

6. Pinpoint Targeting

If we talk about Pinpoint Targeting, then like I told that whenever you run Campus, etc., here you get a very detailed option of Audience Targeting such as:

What kind of audience do you want?

What is his demographic?

What is his interest?

So… you can select all these things from it.

From here we again take the same example that we have put hoarding, but we do not know who saw that hoarding, so we cannot make a strategy ahead of these results. But when we do Pinpoint targeting in Digital Marketing, then we know which people we have to show ads to.

After this, what kind of reaction did those people who have been shown the ad. We have all the data of this type. Due to having the right data, it becomes very easy for us to make further strategies and blueprints, due to which there are more chances for us to see positive results. One of the best benefits of digital marketing. I hope you will understand the benefits of Digital Marketing.


So, friends, we can learn something like this from digital marketing and the benefits of digital marketing, it is very beneficial and it has a very good scope because in today’s time almost all the company sells their products only through online marketing and it pays a lot of attention. is given. It’s one of the major benefits of Digital Marketing.

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